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Detox Group off to a great start!

Detox / whole food eating class begins August 13th!

Summer Day Women’s Retreat

The Catching up of my Soul

Detoxification Class Starts Jan 29th!

Detox Group November 2013


Next Detox Group November

Diet Products


Healthy Digestion

Vitamin D

Osteoporosis and Bone Health

Natural Medicine

Detoxification and Purification

Paradigm Shift, Energy Medicine, Quantum Science, Consciousness

Finding Meaning

Flower Remedies

Depression and Naturopathic Treatment

The Nature of Suffering

Cold and Flu Natural Approach

Estrogen Dominance

Spirituality and Medicine

Healthy Digestion

Hay Fever Natural Remedies

Fresh Salad Rolls

Mark’s Chix Curry

Blood and Saliva Tests

Blood Pressure

Organic Produce

Reiki Class



Organic Foods


Radiation Protection

Healthy Blood Sugar

Dreams and Metaphors

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