May Detox Group 2015

Determined Detoxers:

Great way to kick off the first week with weight loss for the group between 3-15 pounds and most of you not even finished with the first week!  Everyone seemed encouraged and happy with the changes and outcomes.  A few with strong detox reactions and that is usually a sign to slow the products down and be gentle with the process!

Great food ideas and samples from Sasha and Dr. Mikel.  Let’s all try something new like soaking or sprouting the legumes /rice/ quinoa we start adding week two and three!

Product routine for week two and three:

Add organic chicken or wild caught cold water fish, brown rice, legumes.  Keep this a continued focus on vegetables and plant foods!!  At least more than half of each meal should be vegetables for healing support and detox support.  By week two you should have finished the SP Cleanse products and then begin the SP Green Food 5 twice/day.  Continue the fiber that you are on and dose in the evening.

Products that might be of additional support:  Cholacol ( bile salts) if you don’t have a gall bladder.  Colax if you are having insufficient elimination or constipation.  App Trim if you are struggling with over eating or blood sugar lows.  Adrenal complex or Phyto ADR if you have significant adrenal fatigue.  A variety of digestive enzymes if having gas/bloating or maldigestions.  Valerian complex for sleep and nerves, testimonial by Marilyn :)

LInks to resources and inspirational supports/ education came my way this week!
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