The Natural Health Clinic of Des Moines is the expansion of Dr. Lynn Mikel’s practice in Naturopathic Medicine. Her husband Gary Gibson has actively joined the business as partner and office manager. There are now several other practitioners offering additional services including acupuncture, reflexology, pedicures, skin care, groups and classes.
With a beautiful 600 s.f. group space, the goal is to collaborate with other like minded healthcare practitioners in the south Seattle area building a wellness community for our combined patients. Look at staff, services and events for more information!
Our Intention:
Our intention is to help clients find health physically, emotionally and spiritually. The practitioners of Natural Health Clinic of Des Moines are committed to offering the highest quality of services that provide holistic wellness.

We are resources in our client’s search for optimal health, offering guidance for change as well as bringing meaning, care and encouragement along the way.

Our Location:

22014 7th Ave So.
Suite 102
Des Moines, WA. 98198

Phone: 206 878 2628

Clinicians Include:

Dr Charlyne Coke : Naturopath and Acupuncture | |
(206) 355-5397

Maria Christensen: Sweet Escape Day Spa, Aesthetician | (253) 797-0396

Anita Graham: Reiki Practitioner |

Janet Bredle: Bowen Therapist |

Bobby Arant: Hypnotherapist |

Kaye Fox: Physical Therapy |

Carol Longacre: Reiki Master/Teacher | |
(425) 306-2552

Donna Zontok: Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner | | (253) 509-5111

Tracy LeMoine LMP: Massage | | | (206) 226-3681

Ben Noma: Tai Chi Instructor | (206) 979-7269

Colleen Hart: Tai Chi Instructor | (206) 595-4657

Rajani Susan Reanier: Yoga instructor | (206) 218-5065

Libby Ford: Wellness Advocate, Foot Zont Therapist, doTherra Rep, Access Consciousness Practitioner |

Natural Health Clinic of Des Moines Office

Natural Health Clinic of Des Moines


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