Detox Class 2

Well congratulations group!  Most off to a good start or finished with week one.  A few people joining late so anyone interested … get on board if you’d like to tag along even via the blog and emails.  This week we reviewed the idea of maldigestion from foods difficult to digest either from processing, hybridizing or GMO.  We reviewed leaky gut theory and the resulting inflammation that can stress the immune system locally and systemically.  Eating our whole real foods this week… all ready people could dramatically see reduced bellies as inflammation locally resolved.

We went on to discuss the vast array of chemical toxicity from our environment, water, skin care and personal care products, foods, homes, cars, buildings etc…  It was covered briefly but to make the point that at some point if the body is unable to handle the accumulation of chemicals it will do it’s best to store in the body to protect the vital organs including the brain.  Fat accumulation is often the result of not especially excess calories but the residual burden of toxins the body cannot handle to completely break down and excrete.  The change in diet we are undertaking reduces the toxic load from maldigestion so the body can  up regulate it’s ability to start removing accumulated waste.  The Standard Process products are specifically designed to provide the nutrients the organs of elimination need to do that job…In a safe way with a good balance of whole foods that are easy for the body to utilize .

The anecdote for toxicity is to reduce where you can :) The body can handle a lot but we don’t want to reach our threshold where it starts breaking down :)  Buy organic when you have good choices, filters for water and showers, only use green dry cleaning , use home hepa filters, take shoes off in the hose, buy cleaning/ personal care products at conscientious stores like Trader Jo’s, PCC, Fred Meyer Nutrition center or Marlene’s. Handout available.

Sasha gave us a good talk on GMO.  The history behind it’s sell to the United States that it would help increase yields and decrease pesticides.  The U.S. bought into it without studies that showed long term effects.  Most other countries around the world  were not willing to take that on with concerns for health introducing foreign proteins into food unnaturally.  Their promises did not come true as the pesticide use has increased dramatically. Since the mid 90’s withe the introduction of GMO there has also been a significant increase in food allergies and gastro intestinal health issues not to mention rise in brain and learning disorders. The study is being done on us and is not looking good!

65 Health Risks of GM Foods

Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives Trailer!  Must watch or listen :)

Sasah went on to share some fun ideas for expanding our diet now on week two and three to include fish, chicken, brown rice, lentils and quinois, sprouted seeds!! But remember this is still an emphasis on vegetables:   more than half your meal should remain mostly veggies and some fruit!  Protein and grains add variety and nutrieints but we are counting on the plant food to heal!

sasha  Email if you want the handouts for hummus dressing with Tahini, guacamole sauce and quinoa salad!  Make several dressings at the beginning of the week and a large bowl of quinoa or soaked lentil/brown rice salad to have as a base during the week.  Make bowls , salad wraps and use in combination with your cooked or raw veggies!  Try sprouting seeds to wake them up and optimize the vital nutrients that they offer!

Remember now week two and three:  Veggies, fruit, healthy oils, seasonings, tea along with modest amounts of organic chicken, wild caught fish, brown rice, quinoa, legumes.Sprouted seeds also allowed.  SP complete shakes can be decreased to 1 or 2/day if new additions are added.  SP Green capsules 5 twice/day and continue with 3-6 Gastro fiber in the evening.  Any questions or concerns email Dr Mikel and she’ll help you out!

One Command:

I don’t know how….. this is such a satisfying and healing experience.  I am healthy, vital and happy in my body more and more every day.  I have freedom to be my best self and it is so easy!  I only know this is so now and I am grateful.  Thank you!




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