Detox Class 3

Congratulations to those who attended on the holiday evening!  Small class but more sharing.  Everyone doing well and making progress.  Some good improvements in energy, weight loss, and motivation good to keep going!  Satisfaction in weight, energy, sleep and happiness improving in some or all areas for everybody.

We discussed exposure to  chemicals that mimic estrogen including antibiotics in the food supply and preservatives in personal care products.

Xenoestroens/ wikipedia

Xenoestrogens How to Avoid Them

We went on to discuss how high stress… high cortisol aggravates high blood sugar… insulin resistance and weight accumulation.  We also discuss nice stress reduction techniques.

Stress Reduction Techniques
 Talk and Listen: When we have someone to open up to it is not carried alone. This is an opportunity to release built up emotions of pain, fear, anger, loneliness, shame, etc. that stresses the adrenal system… letting it go is an opportunity to surrender the internal defenses that protect us from difficult emotions we all have to face. An anti depressant or anti anxiety drug can turn the volume down but emotions have energy that create stress until they are confronted consciously.
 Write: Another healthy outlet for emotions to be released and confronted consciously. Journal, poems, letters (sent and unsent), letters to God…
 Create: Creative outlets help express emotions through other mediums… use the energy of emotion to inspire creativity.
 Psychotherapy: Use skilled support for exploring difficult feelings and help reveal subconscious patterns and beliefs that are creating our perceptions of reality. Once they are conscious we begin to have a choice as to whether or not this is how we want to continue creating our life, body, and emotions…
 Spiritual or Inspirational Reading: Replace old beliefs that aren’t giving you the life you want by learning new ones or that emphasize the values and belief you want to live. Create a daily practice that reinforces the positive you want till it becomes a part of you easily and naturally.
 Pray: Talk to God of your understanding and develop a faith that has meaning and comfort. Practice and Expect a Miracle!
 Create a “treasure map” or “vision board”. Create a collage of images and words that evoke the feelings and goals you desire. Allow this to work on the subconscious to help you create what you want.
 Write out your goals frequently. Just the process of writing it down emphasizes your goal and takes it a further than a wish so it is more likely to occur. Take some steps toward goals even if they are small, will also improve the likelihood more opportunities will evolve for the realization of your goal. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want!
 Imagine yourself realizing the goal. Embody the vibration of that desire to achieve it!
 Hang around people that have what you want: physically, emotionally and spiritually… they have something to teach you and will empower your success.
 Be patient and kind with yourself. Learn to love yourself unconditionally because you only can love others to the degree you love yourself. If that means being selfish with your personal healing journey, it may have to be so for a while, but as soon as you begin to heal, you will have more to share!
 Be in your body and learn to identify how you are feeling in the moment. If your heart is pounding are you afraid or excited? If your tummy is tied up in knots ? Are you feeling self conscious, wanting approval, afraid of authority, loss in interest, unmotivated, or angry? If your head is pounding are you trying too hard, obsessed with details, holding too many thoughts in your head? Do you feel alone or supported? Breathe into the feelings and remind yourself at the moment all is well. When we come back to the present moment we are not in the past or the future, we have the opportunity to experience the next moment without projecting unconsciously our past programming. We can change our thoughts, biochemistry, physical, emotional and spiritual health moment by moment.

We also discussed Epigenetics as the science around how genes are influenced to be expressed.  It isn’t all or nothing and we can influence how genes are expressed in a healthy way by the foods we eat!   Vegetables are the main source of methyl groups that have a positive influence on healthy gene expression!  Amazing nature cure is still the best preventative medicine and Mother earth is so generous in her ability to supply that for us!  We also looked at evidence to support thought, energy and emotional influences on the epigenes.  We have more control than we have been led to believe!

What is Epigenetics

Belief that genes control your health is false:  Mercola

So enjoy the the last week eating lots of vegetables, some fruits and now enjoying organic chicken, wild caught fish, a few legumes, rice and quinois.  Emphasis on  vegetables please!  Our last group we will discuss reintroducing foods we have been avoiding to find our challenges to avoid long term.  Sasha will be back to discuss meal planning and healthy lifestyle cooking and preparations to keep us going with our new freedom in eating and continuing our improvements in body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Lynn’s Soup Recipe

Saute one large onion, and three colored peppers in organic olive oil

Add one package organic chicken tenders cut up into small pieces

Pinch of red pepper flakes to taste…. brown all till nearly chicken nearly cooked

Add one small bag of fingerling potatoes chopped in small pieces

Add one rinsed jar of Trader Jo’s sun dried tomatoes

Add one rinsed can of organic garbanzo beans

Add one box organic chicken broth and 1/2 box water

Trader Jo’s 21 seasoning, sea salt and pepper to taste.

Simmer on low till potatoes are done.

Glad you all enjoyed!    See you next Monday 5:30 for our last session.


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