Detox Group off to a great start!

The Detox group was a great group of about 20 diverse people.. from a family with two children several couples and many motivated individuals .  About a quarter of the attendees were there for the first time the other repeating the three week whole food eating plan.  There were lots of testimonials as to how it previously improved body comfort, sleep, energy and more.  Of course people were happy with weight loss during the cleanse but that wasn’t what made the biggest impression it was quality of health that improve so much that most were excited and motivated to do it again and get closer to eating whole foods as a lifestyle!

We learned deep abdominal breathing technique  to find more balance with the nervous system and be present in our life.  In through the nose to the count of 4 letting the abdomen expand… exhaling to the count of 8 through pursed lips.

The first lecture discussed common foods like wheat and dairy that cause maldigestion, contribute to leaky gut and inflammation as well as stress to the liver.  When the organs of detoxification become overwhelmed toxicity gets stored in fat cells.  The first goal of the detox plan is improve digestion, decrease the toxic load from food into the blood stream which frees up energy for the liver / kidneys/ lymphatics to start moving stored toxins out of the body :)  The process has begun and continues from here!

Plan week one is to eat vegetables to fruit 2:1, beneficial oils, and protein source is the SP complete dairy free protein powder.  Teas, water, spices all allowed as desired.  No limit on quantity or calories… start listening to your body and how it feels when you eat!

We practiced intention:  we set goals, collected a few images , and created a couple new positive self talks to keep our subconscious reminded of the outcome we desire!

Congratulations on to all who started the process …  I see success and opportunity for great outcomes with you all.  Sincerely, Dr. Lynn

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