Healing with the Arts

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Continuation of Healing with the Arts Class.  3rd week we created a personal medicine wheel.  An exercise to call in our muse and soul companion through the intention of creative process.  Whew… hard to let go and work under time constrain of 45 minutes but I think it requires the ego to step aside and let the soul muse run free!

East:  childhood story of coming in wild, damaged and hurt easily, hiding behind a mask …eventually taken into hades but redeemed and brought back reflected by the daffodils.

South:  Personal passion, love, heart of the feminine developing authenticity , self love and experiencing the mystery of “falling in love”.

West:  Inner transformation … could be the theme of my life!  Recover from the challenges to have compassion, acceptance, trust, faith and hope …” All is Well”.

North:  Wisdom and wings to fly!

The Center:  My inner conjunctio:  Anima / Animus truly the wholeness of Self realized within as  love is the foundation and inspiration of each day.

Thank you again Trudymarie for a great class :)  Dr. Lynn


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