Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection

With the crisis in Japan and threat of radiation I have been asked by patients what they can do. I will share a brief summary of what I researched and hope that it will help you feel proactive about what you can do if that should become a real threat. There are many natural sources of radiation. The sun is the most common and the higher the altitude the greater the exposure. Many of us are also exposed daily to radiation from television, cell phones, computer monitors, microwaves, and saltellites. The potential threat of exposure from the nuclear reactor fall out at this time is of concern to many but there should also be concern when exposed to radiation from x-ray, mammograms, CT scans, airport security scanners etc. We should be advocates for alternative diagnostic procedures when there is a safer choice as it is the accumulative effects that have the potential to cause cell DNA damage.

Radiation does damage by the radioactive elements of strontium and iodine as well as free radicals. The radioactive elements have enough energy to remove electrons from the molecules that make up our tissue. The breakdown of these chemical bonds damages the cells and creates more free radicals that also do potential damage by stealing electrons. The nucleus and DNA of the cells are vulnerable to this damage. When the nucleus of a cell is damaged the potential for cancer is greater. Cells in the body that are in the process of dividing, where the chromosomal structure are exposed, are more susceptible. Cells of the body in the process of dividing more quickly are the blood, lymph, hair, and gastro intestinal cells. Breast, skin and lung tissue are also especially vulnerable.

The body has an innate repair capability and will repair broken chemical bonds as quickly as possible. Anti oxidants in our diet are empahsized as they offer chemicals that will stabalize cells as well as offer up electrons for the free radicals to bond with, leaving the cells unharmed. There are many natural ways to protect yourself to daily exposures of radiation as well as a catastrophic event. Foundations of health always begin with diet. Our body is what we eat and the repair mechanisms are enhanced by a diet rich in nutrients including anti oxidants. Vegetables and fruits of many varieties will offer some of the greatest protection.

Radiation is more easily absorbed with mineral deficiency. The body will recruit the radioactive elements like a sponge where minerals are needed. So adequate minerals in the body will keep the cells more stable and less likely to attract the radioactive elements. Normally iodine is concentrated in the thyroid gland as thyroid hormone is a molecule with significant amounts of iodone. If there is a deficiency of iodine that area of the body is more susceptible to absorbing radioactive isotopes especially strontium, with resulting damage to the tissue. Caution should be used if introducing iodine too quickly. If there has been an underlying deficiency the added iodine may quickly replace other elements that have been substituted causing a detoxification reaction. Symptoms such as headaches, nausea or neurological consequences may result. There is also the possibilty of allergic reactions to iodine. 150 mcg of iodine is the daily FDA recommendation. This is quite a small amount, just over one tenth of a mg. However, many people are deficient in iodine in our country. For the past few years I have personally used idodized sea salt to increase idodine intake along with gradually introducing supplemenal sources. Food sources of iodine are generally safe and allow the body to uptake the amount needed without detrimental effects. Food sources of iodine include sea vegetables like algae and kelp, eggs, strawberries, fish and seafoods. Again, use caution introducing iodine too quickly as a supplement, this should be done with medical supervision. I have available a quick skin test to assess for deficiency. Ask if interested in this test.

Again adequate minerals in general are very protective. Mineral supplements may be an option but a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains (expept wheat) are very good sources of minerals. Avoid refined foods and sugar because they deplete the mineral reserves by offering very little nutritional value. They actually rob the body of the nutrients it needs to turn the calories they provide into energy.
A diet as close to natural foods as possible will provide what the body needs to repair and the anti oxidants it needs to protect. Avoid large amounts of animal proteins, dairy products, refined foods and foods with chemical additives to decrease further depletion. You are thereby supporting the body’s regenerating potential. Standard Process has a great product called Min Tran with a good dose of organic minerals as well as sodium alginate from kelp and alfalfa These are natural chelators for radioactive isotopes. It has 200 mcg of iodine from kelp in four tablets. http://www.standardprocess.com/display/displayFile.aspx?docid=129&filename=/Public/Lit/TabSheets/mintran5590.pdf

Baths with added Epsom salt and / or baking soda have the ability to pull out some toxic radioactive elements. 1/2 to 1 cup of each in a bath is an easy protective measure, even after a needed x-ray or airplane flight. We often recommend these baths in the Detoxification program as adjunts to improve elimination of toxicity from the body.

Foods with sulfur like cruciferous vegetables have the potential to protect against the free radicals produced by ionizing radiation. Patients who have done my detoxification group have all learned to love roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower. Roasting the vegetables is a great way to sweeten that bitter sulfur taste but still get those power foods for the liver that enhance protection from toxicity. Standard Process products like SP Green Food and Cruciferous Complete offer the vegetables as a capsule which is an easy way to get them in periodically for more support.

Foods rich in chlorophyl like Chlorella, alfalfa, dark leafy greens, celery, parsley and cilantro can also help neutralize radiation toxicity. Again the Standard process SP Green Food offers great sources of chlorophyl. http://www.standardprocess.com/display/displayFile.aspx?docid=168&filename=/Public/Lit/TabSheets/spgreenfoodT4650.pdf

Bentonite clay taken internally or added to a bath has the potential to absorb the radioactive ions through the colon or from the skin. Standard process product Gastrex has the bentonite clay as well as protective foods to support healthy gut lining mucosal cells. Cholacol II is useful for someone without a gall bladder that provide bile salts as well as the bentonite clay to absorb gut toxicity. ttp://www.standardprocess.com/display/displayFile.aspx?docid=192&filename=/Public/Lit/TabSheets/gastrex4600.pdf

Miso soup contains many ingredients that combat the effects of radiation, such as whole rice, barley, soybeans, sea salt, seaweed, onions and kojikin fungus. A 1990 Hiroshima University study concluded that people who ate miso soup regularly may have been up to five times more resistant to radiation poisoning than people who did not.

Remember the toxicity from radiation is occurring every day. Cell phone radiation is now being exposed as a potential cause of increase in brain tumors. We can be educated to decrease exposure where possible when easy to do so. It is a threshold of exposure with toxicity that begins to do damage. Decreasing exposure increases our tolerance to unavoidable exposures. Use your speaker when talking on the cell phone, stand away from the microwave, be cautious about over using x- ray, go for a pat down instead of an x-ray scan at the airport. When you are exposed, the better diet you have been eating, the more protection you have. Use the ideas above as added supports. Feel free to ask me about which products you are taking that may be supporting you and consider adding something if you feel vulnerable at this time.

It is a time to use our thoughts for creating positive outcomes. Visualize your body in perfect health and capable of protecting you from harmful effects in the environment. Who knows if using the speaker on your cell phone protects you more than the thought that it does. When you eat healthy foods try saying a prayer before you eat that the foods bless your body with health and vitality. Send positive energy to Japan, the people, the plants, the sea and the sea life. Experiments done by Dr Emoto with water saw that toxicity from polluted lakes improved just by people’s collective thoughts and prayers. They do make a real difference.

We are being brought into experiences that seem out of our control…. our ability to respond rather than react is now being tested. We can live with intention and practice what we have learned intellectually and spiriutually or fall into fear. I encourage you to practice with whatever faith and tools you have to respond from your heart with positive intention for your well being, for mankind and for Mother Earth.

It is my pleasure to support you in body, mind and Spirit!


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