Spirituality and Medicine

Spirituality and Medicine

The belief and trust in the healing power of nature implies a belief in some higher power or force we are a part of, working through us in our lives.

This power is found in religion for many people but it is also found in nature, in relationships of love, and in our passions and dreams.

As one becomes aware of this power there is a realization that it is always bringing us toward wholeness. Sometimes this is through increased physical health or sometimes through emotional growth.

An ability to recognize, experience, and express thoughts and feelings is important because it is the limitations in our thoughts that create the emotions that often contribute to our illnesses. Emotions create an energy that needs release. When not attended to, it may become internalized within the body.

Our symptoms may sometimes be metaphors for what wants attention emotionally or spiritually. Holistic medicine implies attention to underlying cause.

An infection may represent an internal conflict or we may be vulnerable to infection because of the energy depletion holding the conflict within.

Allergies may represent an internal constriction in response to the world indicating some fear or learned lack of trust.

Digestive symptoms may indicate some aspects of a relationship that are difficult to “swallow“ and the feelings may be difficult to let go of.

Back pain may represent how we are holding up under the emotional pressures of life.

There is always a story to be revealed when one explores the metaphors. Realizing that they have something to tell us about our emotional and spiritual life will begin the healing process that entails balance. By the very awareness and attention to their connection, we attain more balance between our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives. If we can identify and express our feelings, we have an opportunity to then look at the underlying belief they represent – from not trusting someone you love and feeling as though you aren’t good enough to have success to feeling that you are loved unconditionally and the universe provides what you need.

Illness does not have to be something we fight. “He battled courageously with cancer,” for example, implies there is a force in nature that is against us. Everything in life, even illness and death can turn into a blessing if we turn with faith and guidance to realize its gift. Grace is the healing that occurs when there is willingness to surrender to our emotion, explore what it is we really believe, and to then find acceptance or the courage to make corrections and live from a perspective that is more congruent with our faith, even our desire to have faith!

Physician means literally “friend of the soul.” A good doctor may help facilitate not only physical well-being but perhaps be a companion on a journey that brings a person into those qualities and balance needed to experience love for oneself and others.

I continue to be dedicated to this intention of being a good physician through 2010! May we all find our inner healer and let them take us to health, wholeness, happiness, and peace!

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