“I highly recommend Dr. Mikel for any health care concern. she has helped me tremendously in the past and I have great respect for her. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field and can offer you creative guidance to support your lifestyle. She has a holistic approach where she supports the good you are already doing in your life.”


“After years of going to my family doctor and seeing my chiropractor the back pain and sciatica attacks kept getting worst. I finally made the decision to try another direction in my health care. I had nothing to lose. I asked myself, what do I need to do and who can help me? A friend of mind suggested that I make an appointment with a Naturopathic Doctor and DR. Lynn Mikel’s office is on the way home from work. I was skeptical like everyone else about Naturopathic Doctors. After several years of chronic pain, any improvement will be blissful. It was all in how I was thinking about health care. Thank you Dr. Lynn Mikel I’m improving daily. Its a process like everything else in life. When I started the detox program I was excited and a little bit nervous. But I stuck to it and completed it 11 pounds lighter! I wanted to do the cleanse for weight loss, cleanse my body, and a stepping stone to long-term healthier eating. After the cleanse I felt less bloated, had cleaner skin, a feeling of lightness, and NO CRAVINGS FOR SUGAR! I was very happy with the program and will continue a modified plan and do more throughout the year.”


“Dr. Lynn has been a vital piece in helping me recover my health and well-being during the last two years. Through her skills as a healer and listener, I am almost pain free and able to sleep through the night. I now have the energy to start a new job using my creativity. I highly recommend her to anyone considering Naturopathic Medicine.”


“When I started the detox program I doubted I could do it because it would be too much work. However, I completed the program successfully. I wanted to cleanse my liver and rid my body of toxins in my body. I achieved weight loss, increased energy, cleaner skin, and less bloating. The program was easier than I thought. Overall I was extremely happy with the program!”


“I am 69 years old. I started seeing you back in August 2005 and at that time I explained that I had medical issues, diabetes, blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, and heart problems. My big concern was getting off prescription drugs, they were not curing, only treating and were causing more problems then good. I have been seeing Dr. Lynn Mikel for about a year and though her treatments she has been able to bring diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol well under control with natural supplements. When I first saw Dr. Mikel a year ago I had major problems with my legs. They had very bad discoloring in the skin tissue and had lost most of my strength in my legs due to Lipitor, and diabetes. Through treatment my circulation is better, coloring in my legs is a lot better and my strength is 70% better. Dr. Mikel has proved to me that there has been a big need for her profession in curing aliments thru using natural supplements. Dr. Mikel has done a great job bringing my medical issues well in line. She also has been able to get me off prescription drugs. I want to thank Dr. Mikel and all the other people dealing in the treatments of natural supplements and naturopathic medicine.”

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