Detox / whole food eating class begins August 13th!

The next Detox group begins Wednesday August 13th  5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Our class meets for 4 Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm and is a three week whole food eating plan to support detoxification and optimal health!  Many are returning detoxers but there always people trying it for the first time.  Amazing results always happen: improved digestion, better energy, improved mental clarity, happier and motivation to keep on a path of health and wellness.  We will introduce a few new supports this time like stress management techniques, lymphatic exercises, and encourage some  of you to participate with our other clinicians that provide hypnosis, massage, reiki and tai chi to get best results.  You’ll have an experience of wellness for three weeks and it will impact your knowledge of health forever!
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What was your attitude in starting:  Doubted I could do it, thought it was going to be too much work.  How did you do overall?  Completed it successfully!  What was the purpose in doing the program?  Cleanse my liver and get rid of toxins in my body.  Lost 8.5 pounds.  Benefits I experienced:  weight loss, increased energy, clearer skin.

What was your attitude: Excited and a little concerned about the time it might take.  100% compliance so far.  What benefits did you achieve:  less bloating, feel lighter, healthier, sleep better, more energy in the mornings. 10 pound weight loss.  Overall, how happy were with the program:  Extremely happy!

Goal overall: health, wight loss, sleep.  Benefit I experienced: better sleep.  Over all how happy were you with the class?  It was amazing!

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