Jan 2015 Detox Group Begins

Natural Health Clinic of Des Moines Detox Group is off to a good start with a group of about 10 going for the 21 day cleanse!  We picked out folders with handouts that were decorated with words and images.  The one you picked randomly was an experience in “synchronicity”…. Got the right message for you!  Courage, lighten up, have fun, transformation and alchemy!

We learned about digestion and the importance of a healthy gut lining.  We learned many foods cause maldigestion from the way they are processed and modified to lengthen shelf life and create chemical trigger for more and more.  The “leaky gut” theory was pictured and resulting inflammatory / immune challenge that can create was explained.

Our goal for week one is to eat mostly vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and for protein to use the Standard Process SP complete dairy free protein powder as smoothies.  We will be exploring how it feels to give up processed foods completely and take a week break from animal proteins, nuts and seeds.  This will allow our body to recover better digestive health, get a break from toxins created by maldigestion and begin the road to revealing how foods can return our health and vitality!

Great youtube to watch to reinforce learning from group one:

Enjoy the journey group!  Remember to add pictures and words to your folder and create some visual intention to remind your subconscious what you want!  Learn to manifest easily by paying attention to the goal :)  Write a little in your log book, encourage your friends in the group and hang in there the first few days!

email with questions any time!  Thanks for your participation, Dr. Lynn


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